Games with In-App purchases no longer classed as free on the Play Store


Google Play Store image

Google are pushing a new policy within the Play Store. Any games that include In-App purchases, which nearly always mean it’s a pay-to-win type game, will no longer be considered free or categorized as such. The move is made in effort to prevent users from downloading what they consider to be free games, only to be met with purchase request which are the only way to really progress in the game. A truly sad way for developers to make money and clearly Google no longer wish to give them the benefit of advertising their games as Free if they include costs later on.

While the downloads will still cost nothing, users will no longe find the games in the free category and any game with in-app purchases will be piled together with games that include a price. We hope this is a big enough deterrent for developers to no longer use the  pay-to-win scheme within games.


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