Crytek announces CryEngine will soon support Linux


Crytek have just announced that CryEngine is getting Linux support, with the company showing it off in detail next week at the Game Developers Conference. Currently more and more game studios are looking to bring support for their engines to the Linux OS as Valve are gearing up for their release of SteamOS , which means not only means PC gaming will get bigger, but also cheaper as well. CryEngine is easily a top contender as an available game engine and other developers will of course be stoked to see support for Linux will easily be available. Games like Crysis 3, Warface, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 and perhaps State of Decay may get Linux releases in the future.

Future games that use the 4th generation of CryEngine like Homefront 2 and Star Citizen will hopefully also be canidates for Lniux release as well. Things are clearly looking up for the PC Gaming world.

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