Consumer reports test shows new iPad runs hits 46.6 degrees Celsius, 13 degrees hotter than iPad 2

Consumer reports have completed there tests on the new iPad and have found that it runs pretty hot. In fact the new iPad hits 46.6 degrees Celsius(116 degrees Fahrenheit) when running games. The test involved using a thermal imagine camera pointed at both the front and back of the new iPad. While running the game Infinity blade 2 the new iPad reached temperatures of 46.6 degrees Celsius. The device hits 45 degrees Celsius when not plugged in. The difference was around 13 degrees when not plugged in and 12 degrees when plugged in compared to the temperature of the the iPad 2 running the same game. There is no connection the game being played and the same results are for any game that requires intensive rendering by the iPad.

From the picture above you can see the temperature of the device was specifically located in one area, presumably where the graphics/CPU is located. There are concerns for having the device running so hot for long periods of time, but there has been not real concern shown from Apple about this issue, other than “it’s cool, Don’t worry about it”

Let’s hope we don’t here start to hear horror stories about peoples new iPads melting on them.

Source: Consumer Reports

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