Carl Ziess launching VR One semi-universal virtual reality accessory for smartphones


Carl Ziess has thrown up a pre-order for their own version of Samsung’s Gear VR. The VR One as its called, differs from the Gear VR, in that it has a broader range of devices that it will support. Unlike the Gear VR’s Note 4 only design. The VR One will support devices with 4.7 to 5.2-inch displays. The only downside is that each device will require it’s own custom case to fit the VR One, but thankfully they will be sub $10.

The VR One arrives next year with the pre-order already available on the site. Pricing is very aggressive and the unit will only cost $99 to boot, with covers the extra $9.90 . Hopefully this will put some pressure on Samsung to add more devices to the Gear VR spec list and hopefully not include a premium price tag. No word on the officially release dates for either devices, but Samsung did state that the Gear VR will be this year.

Pre-order page: VR One
Product page: VR One

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