Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Announced with teaser trailer

Another year and another Call Of Duty game, each taken in record sales over last years version. This year we have Black Ops 2 and it has been suspected for some time now. Activision have just dropped the first official announcement and with it a nice teaser trailer detailing the games premiss.

So, the game takes place in the near future. The year is 2025 to be exact and of course there is new technology never seen before and the total idea of the game seems to be that all of the unnamed technology that was meant to protect everyone is used against them and all hell breaks loose. Also there are horses in it aswell. All and all it’s a pretty wield trailer and will the game have potential, of course it’s a call of duty game. They nearly always become the best-selling game of all time with every release. There should be a decent gameplay trailer at E3 this year. So hopefully we have something to look forward to this year.

There is no doubt going to be those who will analyse every frame of the trailer and find new things to share.

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