Bill Gates is now richer than the United States Government

It doesn’t and shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that Bill gates is filthy rich, But this has got to be something. Bill gates net worth now exceeds that of the United States Federal Government. The word is that The Federal Goverment has now only got $54 billion in cash in the bank, Which while is alot of money, It’s still shy by $2 billion compared to the net worth of  Bill Gates.

Now let’s not get carried away with the fact Bill Gates is technically richer the the U.S. Truth be told we all are, Considering they have a massive debt of over $14 trillion that would entail you have more money than they do.

It’s also good to note that the company Apple is also much richer than the United states in terms of cash flow. They are reported to be $21 billion richer than the good old U.S.A. Next up will be Google if reports are correct.

Let’s just hope that reporting how much richer than a company/person(Bill Gates) is compared to the United States doesn’t become some new form of measurement of wealth. Also stating it does make one thing that either the United states is screwed or that these companies/bill gates are doing something right!!

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