Audeara launch A-01 Full-Fidelity headphones with hearing test for calibrated sound

After a hugely successful Kickstarter last year, Audeara is launching their A-01 headphones to the open market. Their over-ear style headphones will offer full-fidelity sound along with a built in hearing test during initial setup that is set to provide the best and most optimal sound for every user specific to their needs.

The aim for the headphones is to make music sound better and not just be louder by increasing the volume to get better audio. A more balanced set of headphones and more importantly specifically optimized to provide you with an EQ and sound that suits your specific hearing profile can have a huge impact on sound quality.

The A-01 headphone have a pair of 40mm Mylar drivers, Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, but also sport 3.5mm port for wired listening. Internal Lithium-Ion battery with Micro-USB for charging. Battery life is around 25.5 hours when using Noise Cancelling and Bluetooth together. Just Bluetooth is around 45.5 hours, and just Noise Cancelling is around 66 hours.

Dr James Fielding, CEO Audeara commented, “The response from people who use the headphones for the first time is amazing. They’re usually overwhelmed at the difference.

Audeara originally started as a medical device company and has since shifted its focus to commercial business and aims to improve the way consumers listen to music in their day to day lives. A big focus for the company is preventing hearing loss from constant high volume listening, their aim is to provide better quality and more balanced experience for every user to prevent the need for louder music.

The new A-01 headphones are now avaialble for pre-order with a price tag of £299.99 directly from Audeara with free worldwide shipping.

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