Asus Transformer Prime full specs released

The full specs for the upcoming and highly anticipated tablet of this year, The Asus Transformer Prime. The tablet will be using Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad core processor. Which is said to be the fastest mobile processor ever made. The tablet will have 1GB of ram and come in 32Gb and 64GB sizes. It was also have a full USB 2.0 slot, Full SD slot built right in the device. The price is set to be $499(Probably €399) for the 32GB and $599(Probably €499) for the 64GB version.

The Dock will be $149(around €99-€120). The battery life is said to last 12 hours with the dock adding 6 more. This tablet is set to break all sorts of records when it’s release. Oh and the release is this December. So get saving now if you want to get one early.

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