AR.Pursuit for A.R Drone released, Augmented gaming never look so good!!

So that ultimate gadget that everyone is talking about has just got its first game!! Thats right, The new game for the A.R Drone is looking incredible.  A.R Pursuit is a 2 player game, Think of it as a cat and mouse game with Quadrocopters!!  The pursuer(Cat) has 2 virtual weapons at there disposal! Automatic machinegun! Which once it detects the runner(Mouse) it will begin firing at it and every hit will have a physical effect on the oppenents Drone by slowing it down and making it harder to outrun the pursuer.

The other weapon is MISSILES!! when the opponent is locked on the screen, the pilot of the pursuing AR.Drone has to shake their iPhone/iPod touch/iPad to send a missile. When it is hit by a missile, the “pursued” becomes “pursuer” and so on.  At half time, the roles are automatically reversed. The winner is the player who escapes for the longest time during the entire game. This game really does sound like alot of fun and consdering how awesome the A.R Drone is in the first place, Seeing games like this coming out for it is great. Check out the video below to see the game inaction!!

Craig O'Sullivan

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