Apple WWDC 2012, iOS 6 details

Apple’s WWDC 2012 took place today and they announced iOS 6 and with it all the new features it brings with it. Let’s take a look and some of the new features they are bringing to iOS.

Siri enhancements
iOS 6 brings new features for Siri and an API(Finally) the ability to launch apps, tweet directly, movie listings and more. They have also brought Siri to the iPad. Apple have also launched Siri in a multitude of new languages including Spanish, Korean, Mandarin and more

Facebook integration
Apple this time around are including Facebook directly into iOS, much like the previous integration of Twitter on iOS 5. It will allow for better notification of posts on Facebook and make it easier to make posts by adding a tap to post feature on the notification menu. This feature will also be brought to Twitter.

Quick reply text and Do not Disturb
Apple have added a feature missing from iOS for years now. The ability to quickly text someone who is ringing, if for some reason you can’t answer, you can simply hit reply saying ‘can’t talk will call you later’. They also have a Do not disturb feature allowing you to block any calls or messages and certain periods with a built-in white list for important calls and the option to allow a second call from the same person to come through.

FaceTime over 3G
Apple have finally caved and given the people what they want. That is FaceTime over 3G with the ability to do video calls by a persons number or Apple ID. A long-awaited feature since the launch of the iPhone 4.

Maps with turn-by turn navigation
Apple have finally turned away from Google’s map system and created their own. This will include the ability for satellite view, turn-by-turn navigation, flyover mode, 3D mode and more. Much of it works the exact same way as Google apps does for Android, but it does of course lack the street view that Google offers.


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