Apple to remove Home-Button from iPad 2 and iPhone 5

Ok, This requires a little back story, When the original iPhone was being designed, Steve jobbs did not want any physical buttons on it the front of the device, Obviously they didn’t listen to him and just added the home button. Now comes iOS 4.3, Which not only adds The personal Hotspot. But also add multi-touch gestures to navigate the multi-tasking menu and to get back to the home-screen. It was demoed by the nice people at Gizmodo. While that makes navigating nicer and probably more effient then always going to the home-button and hitting it twice!! There is also talk that they are going to completely remove the home-button from the new iPad 2 and iPhone 5.

I for one can’t wait for the iOS 4.3 as its gets kinda annoying to look for the home button after rotating the iPad a million times!! There is however one problem, This feature may not work well with some apps(Games) that require you to radically use 5 fingers at once, So its possible they will accidentially trigger the home screen, Now while this wouldn’t effect the iPad now as they couldn’t simply deactivate the gesture features while using such an app, But for a home-buttonless iPad/iPhone, Not sure how that will work??

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