Apple revenue reports are in, $28.27 billion in revenue with $6.62 billion net profit

Apple have just released there Q4 results and surpirse surprise they made a whopping amount of money with $28.27 billion in revenue and $6.62 billion net profit, Apple should be pretty happy with those results. Also with the revenue report is the sale numbers of the iPad, iPhone and Macs. The iPhone sold an amazing 17.1 million units. The iPad had an increase of 166% since last yearthe iPad reached a total of 11.1 million in sales.

Apple macs also sold 4.89 million which is a step up from last year aswell. The iPod however is down again this year with 6.62 million units sold which is a drop of 27% since last year. I would also like to point out that the iPhone 4S sales are not included in this and with that being there fastest selling iPhone yet, Expect there to be a bigger result next quarter.

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