Apple post Q4 2012 results, showing $36 billion in revenue with a net profit of $8.2 billion

Apple are still the richest company in the world and their Q4 financial results are in with impressive results yet again, raking in a total of $36 billion in revenue with a nice net profit of $8.2 billion. Apple are at this point rolling in it. Apple have also included that international sales have accounted for 60-percent of the sales in Q4 2012, but the results don’t stop there as we also have some nice sale numbers to take a look at below as well.

  • iPhones : 26.9 million
  • iPads : 14 million
  • iPods : 5.3 million
  • Macs : 4.9 million Macs

Apple are certainly selling more iPhones this year when compared to same quarter of last year with a 58% increase in sales. The iPad saw a 26-percent increase in sales year over year with the Mac sales seeing a mere 1-percent increase. Sadly the iPods have yet again seen a decline with a 19-percent drop compared to Q4 2011. Apple have certainly had an amazing quarter yet again with the announcement of new iPad, iPad mini, MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina display and the iMacs only two days ago and all arriving in time for the holiday season. Apple will easily have some impressive numbers for Q1 2013 to shows us when the time comes.

Source: Apple

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