Android based console Ouya reaches 2 million in Kickstarter

Gaming on smartphones is only getting bigger and new company Ouya want to bring all of the popular Android games to your television. This is something that hasn’t really be done before and of course will pretty much set the bar for whether or not people actually want to be able to play Android based games on their tv’s. I could easily see me playing Nova 3 or Dead trigger on my TV. Which to be honest, I have done using the MHL out on my phone, but nothing beats a proper joypad and that really is the pinnacle of the Ouya console as it’s Android gaming with the use of a proper controller in a console setting.

They started their kickstarter page yesterday with a goal of $950,000 and have already reached over $2.5 million. Kickstarter have stated this is biggest amount any project has made on its first day and is the eighth project to break the $1 million mark milestone. Check out the Kickstarter video below and the source link for Ouya’s kickstarter page.

Source: Ouya Kickstarter page

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