Android App market size limit increased from 50MB to 4GB

Google have just increase the size limit for apps on the marketplace from 50MB to 4GB. What this means is that anytime you download a game or heavy sized app that needs more the 50MB instead of the usual having to download a few MB from the marketplace and then letting the app once launched download the rest of the files needed, you will be able to download the entire thing straight from the marketplace. There is no word on if any developers will move entire apps to the app marketplace, but seeing as it will make it eaiser for people to download them and save them time aswell. There is no doubt most developers at least from now on will of course have the app fully avilable from the marketplace.

The hidden bonus here is that soon once fully on the marketplace that is, there will no longer be any hidden data sizes and you will see just how much you are going to download from the app size in the marketplace.

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