Android 4.2 announced, multiple user accounts, photo-Sphere camera and more

Google weren’t able to have the launch event they hoped due to the weather, but hasn’t stopped them from releasing the details on Android 4.2 and a new line up of devices. The latest version of Android will be launching on the new Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 smart phone and tablet. The features include Gesture based typing which is much like Swype which allows you to input text by dragging from letter to letter with your thumb or finger, only lifting it for each separate word.

Photo-Sphere camera is now a part of the camera app and allows you to take panoramic pictures with even more ease and allows you to go complete 360 on it. Android 4.2 now gets the added Multiple User support on the tablet side of things, allowing multiple users to sign in on a tablet and have their own customization. There are other features and tweaks in Android 4.2 including wireless display which is being dubbed Miracast, much like Apple’s Airplay that allows you to stream videos, games and other content directly to your HDTV.

Source: GoogleBlog

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