Android 4.0, Everything you need to know

Android 4.0 has just got detailed by Google and the current event in Hong Kong. Check out all the information below for everything you need to know on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Multi-Tasking and Notifications
The multi-tasking now let’s you remove recent apps and has a design more like honeycomb but more main screen. The notification system is for the most the same but more interactive with individual clearing of notifications and images to the side of each notifications.

Home screen
The home screen has been redone and has better widget and folder support and makes for an overall more enjoyable navigation and customisation. They added the ability to add not only apps to folders on the home screen but people to make it easier to group friends together. They keyboard has also been redone to support better auto-spelling and design with a spell checker built in to check typed words.

Also with Android is a new browser with better tab support and navigation allowing up to 16 tabs at the same time. It also also for saving pages offline for viewing later, New incognito tab support for safe browsing.

Gmail has have a facelift aswell with easier navigation and the ability to search offline. The new two line interface allows for easy viewing of emails.

Seamless icons for quick actions on apps
They also introduced a seamless quick bar which is pretty much a set of buttons on the bottom of the screen and they change depending on the app you are using or the action you may need to use.

Data Usage
Android 4.0 also introduces built in data usage logs, Which doesn’t only log how much data you use, But which apps use it and when. You can also set each app to never use 3g unless you launch it yourself, This is probably going to be the most used feature and will help with not only data usage but also battery drain aswell.

Camera App + Photo Editing, Gallery
The camera app for Android 4.0 has been completely rebuilt and has a new look, It also has the ability to take panorama shots and taking them does seem to be pretty easy and quick.  It also has built in Face detection and the ability to focus on specific areas and set exposure. Google have also included some very nice photo editing tools with Android 4.0. Google have redesigned the gallery to allow for better sorting of images and easy navigation.

Video Recording
The video recorder now allows for continues focus, Zoom while recording and time lapse recording. Judging from the clips at the event, The manual exposure and time lapse recording on the Galaxy Nexus make for an amazing video.

People App
Android 4.0 brings the new people app. This is esstenially a contacts app, But with more information integrated from sites like Google+, Twitter, Linked in. The information updates itself automatically and allows for accurate contact information and also shows any new photos the person may have posted on this sites.

Phone app
The phone app has been redone and now has support for visual voice mail, The ability to slow down and speed up your voice mail messages. Making them easier to understand. Also new to the phone app is the ability to reject alls and automatically send a message by just swiping up and picking a custom pre-set message.

Android Beam
The new app allows you to share with devices using NFC(Near filed communication) by simply putting your phones together, There is no need to turn on connections and seach for each other and makes sharing stuff like webpages, Apps, Youtube clips and more extremely easy.

This is all the information that was announced at the event, There should be more videos popping up online, But for now enjoy the Announcment video below.

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