AMD’s new Crimson drivers causing GPU’s to overheat and “burn out”


AMD recently released their new version of drives/software to the public. The initial reaction was very strong, with most users enjoying the new UI and faster load times. However, it has come to light that the new software package includes a very serious bug – one that may have damaged some graphics cards.

Multiple users have been posting on the AMD subreddit detailing their fan speed getting locked to 30-percent. The reason behind hasn’t been 100-percent clear, but there may be a connection with users activating overdrive in anyway – some however, have said they only installing the software, and still suffered the bug. The new crimson software bug locks the auto speed of the fan at a max of 30-percent, something that will easily cause the GPU to get very hot, very fast. Other users have reported fan speeds getting locked even lower, with one individual fan getting turned off completely.

Some users have reported temperatures reaching over 90C within seconds of gameplay with some even having their entire systems crash during a game, and no longer getting any video single from card once rebooted.

It has been made very clear that the software includes a very nasty bug, but even worse is that AMD don’t seem to be doing anything about it. The software is still available for download, and AMD have made no mention about the possible GPU killing bug.

Make sure to check out the AMD subreddit with the link below. It is highly suggest that users remove the Crimson drivers and refrain from installing them until AMD can fix the issue.


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