AMD reveals R7/R9 300-series, Fury, Fury Nano, and Fury X Graphics cards


AMD took to the stage yesterday and announced their next series of graphics cards. Which start with the R7/R9 300 series and then step it up a notch with the new R9 Fury series. The new 300 series starts with the R 7 360 with 2GB of VRAM and the R7 370 with 4GB of RAM,. Both cards arrive this week for $109 and $149 respectively.


The R9 cards are mostly re-brands of the previous 200 series card, as in we are still rocking the Hawaii core. There are some differences with the R9 380 getting 4GB of VRAM to play with. Both the R9 390 and R9 390x will have 8GB of VRAM as standard. There are some other internal differences including higher clock rates and better cooling. The R9 380 will come in at $249, while the R9 390 and 390x will cost $329 and $349 respectively.

The real news comes from the new set of Fury cards from AMD. The new line up include the use AMD’s Fiji core and HBM memory. This gives a massive boost in memory bandwidth, but also shrinks the cards significantly as well.


AMD are bringing 4 new Fiji cards to market. Starting at the bottom we have the unexpected but awesome Fury Nano. This card utilizes the same Fiji core and 4GB HBM memory as the other cards, but is aimed at ITX systems and offers significant performance over the 290x and is cooled by a single fan. It also rocks 3 full size display ports and a HDMI.

The next two cards are the Fury and Fury X. The Fury again uses Fiji with 4GB of HBM. We have 3584 stream processor with the GPU clock rate a 1GHz. Total compute power is around 7.2 TFLOPS. Cooling is done by 3 fans and the card has a TDP of 275W. Connections include the same 3 x Display Port and 1 x HDMI. Pricing is set at $549 and the card arrives around the 14th of July.


The Fury X steps the specs up again with 4096 stream processors and the GPU clock speed at 1,050Mhz. Cooling is done by a custom AIO Liquid cooler, which has two hoses extend out of the card into a 120mm radiator and fan. The card also has the same TDP and connections as the Fury (275W, 2 x DP, 1 x HDMI). The Fury X will cost $649 and arrive on the 24th of June.

The last card, which was barely detailed at the event is the Dual Fiji Fury X. The card has no official specs or pricing, but is said to be arriving later this summer.

Radeon R9 Fury X2 Radeon R9 Fury X Radeon R9 Nano Radeon R9 Fury
GPU Fiji XT x 2 Fiji XT Fiji Pro? Fiji Pro
Stream Processors 8192 4096 TBA 3584
GCN Compute Units 128 64 TBA 56
Render Output Units 128 64 TBA 64
Texture Mapping Units 512 256 TBA 224
GPU Frequency TBA ≥ 1050Mhz TBA 1000Mhz
Memory 8GB HBM (4 GB Per Chip) 4GB HBM 4GB HBM 4GB HBM
Memory Interface 4096-bit x 2 4096bit 4096bit 4096bit
Memory Frequency 500Mhz 500Mhz 500Mhz 500Mhz
Effective Memory Speed 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps
Memory Bandwidth 1024 GB/s 512GB/s 512GB/s 512GB/s
Cooling Liquid Liquid, 120mm Radiator Air, Single Fan Air, 3 Axial Fans
Performance (SPFP) 17 TFLOPS ≥ 8.6 TFLOPS TBA 7.2 TFLOPS
TDP TBC 275W 175W 275W
Power Connectors Dual 8-Pin Dual 8-Pin 8-Pin 6+8 Pin?
GFLOPS/Watt TBA ≥ 28.7 TBA 26.2
Launch Price TBA $649 TBA $549
Launch Date Autumn 2015 24th June 2015 Summer 2015 14th July 2015
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