AMD announce ThreadRipper with X399 chipset and 16-core CPU

AMD’s Computex press conference has just wrapped up, and one of the big announcements was the rumoured Threadripper Ryzen platform. The new series of the devices will launch on the High End Desktop platform (HEDT) and will offer some serious leaps in both performance and features.

AMD haven’t detailed any clock speeds, pricing, or officially release date, but what we do have is that Threadripper will launch with up 16-core/32-threads, 64 PCIe lanes (yeah, that many), and quad channel memory support. This will all all work with the new LGA socket with the new AMD X399 chipset. AMD also stated that all Threadripper CPU’s will include 64 PCIe lanes, and quad channel support, and is not locked to the highest tier.

Sadly, like we mentioned above, there is no mention on pricing or specific availability other than this Summer, but we will keep you updated once we learn more.


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