Amazon launch Alexa calling support in UK, Germany, and Austria.

Earlier this year Amazon announced a the Echo Show along with calling support for Alexa devices. The new feature was somewhat praised and allowed users to contact others users conveniently with just their voice and an Alexa enabled device. Drop in support was also added a later date that brought the ability to use Alexa devices as intercoms within the home, or even others once their were added to the allow list.

This support was only available in the United States and Canada, and shined a big light on the discrepancies between Alexa devices in the US and the rest of the world and how Amazon weren’t doing enough to make the devices equal. Echo owners still feel Amazon are going to continue to allow the Non-U.S Alexa devices to fall behind in future updates and are hoping Amazon will put more effort in supporting them equalling.

Amazon have now officially launched support for Alexa calling in the UK, Germany, and Austria, but some feel it should have been launched at the same time. Support is also avaialble on iOS and Android device. The Echo show is now launching in the UK in the coming months as well.

Currently U.S Echo devices have a much larger list of avaialble skills compared to the UK side, and while some of them are region specific, it’s mostly down to the fact that Echo devices launched in the US first, and the skill market’s are separated. Meaning developers have to launch the skill on the other markets specifically.

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