Amazon announce 2nd generation Echo and Echo Plus, Echo Spot, and new Fire TV

Amazon had an impromptu Alexa themed event set for today, and while initially most were expecting one or two new items, we actually got quite a few new products announced. The new products also include word that Calling and messaging support is arriving in the UK and Germany, with the Echo Show also making its debut across the sea as well.

Straight out of the gate we have have two new main Echo devices, with the new 2nd generation echo coming with a newer smaller design and the Echo Plus using the same housing as before, but this time with a smart hub built in directly. Both Echo’s will feature second-gen far field tech, and an all new sound architecture with dedicated woofer and tweeter. Amazon also stated they will include Dolby certified audio support.

The Echo Plus will in fact include a Smart Hub directly in the device, meaning the likes of Philip Hue lights and others will work with the new Alexa straight out of the box, without the need of connecting up a separate hub.

We also have some more Alexa enabled devices. The new Echo Spot, which is very similar to the Echo show that launched earlier this year. However, it has a much smaller display at 2.5-inches, but still includes video chat support. It’s basically a really smart alarm clock.

Amazon are also launching a new Fire TV with 4k HDR @60fps support, and Dolby Atmos Sound. This also includes Alexa voice support via the remote. This is basically a smaller than the previously Fire TV, and with nearly identical features. Basically a better Fire Stick, without the stick shape.

Lastly we have the new Echo Connect, which is only launching in the US and Canada this year, and arrives in UK and Germany early next year. This will effectively allow you to control your landline via your Alexa enabled device. This allows you to make phone calls via your voice, and is possibly a breath of fresh air in the ageing landline system.

Amazon are also launching a new Echo Button for trivia party games, and allowing for better interaction with said games, but isn’t avaialble for pre-order just yet, and will be launching near the end of the year as well.

The new devices will be launching mostly over October, with the Echo connect arriving closer to the end of the year.

Pricing and links for the new devices are below.


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