802.11ah WiFi (HaLow) standard finalised, will offer longer range for less power

Wifi Alliance
The long awaited 802.11ah WiFi standard has finally been approved. The new connection will work using the 900MHz spectrum and is now ready to offer double the distance as 2.4Ghz and greatly improved efficiency. Wall penetration is also touted as a big factor with the new connection, as devices that use the news standard can offer better connections throughout buildings.

The new standard is being dubbed “HaLow” and will utilize existing WiFi Protocols and will work alongside¬†other bands. Devices that will benefit mostly from the new standard are IoT (Internet of Things) and smart home objects.

There is no saying how long before we see new routers/devices that will use the new standard, but since this offers a pretty exciting new set of benefits, we can see new devices being pushed soon.

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