Battlefield V arrives October 19th, earlier for EA access members

Battlefield V has finally gotten it’s announcement trailer and boy does the game look good. The next step in the franchise is a return to World War 2, after the fairly popular Battlefield 1 brought success WW1 period game. EA and Dice are clearly hoping to bring that same level of style and flavor to the already popular WW2 era.

Battlefield V single player campaign will focus on some of the lesser known stories fo WW2. Much like what the developers somewhat intended with Battlefield 1. The game will include real events, but ones that don’t normally get all that much attention, and possibly with some twists that DICE imagine on their own.

The game will include a new mode dubbed Combined Arms, which is a new cooperative mode with squad mission that include some specific objectives before your final mission objective takes place.

Not much else is know about the campaign side of things, and the reveal event was more about the multiplayer aspects coming to the game.

Multiplayer will see a lot of changes from the usual aspect that most are familiar with when it comes to the Battlefield series. In game dynamics will change with a lot of effort on the look and feel of the battlefield your in. Players will move in a more dynamic way and give a more life like feel by having them slip and stubble and react to different terrain. Thankfully it’s just a simulation and doesn’t affect gameplay when it happens.

The terrain will also react different depending on the players movement, and tall grass gets effect as you make your way throught it, for a more realistic approach for identifying players.

Destruction has also become a bigger deal and utilizes full physics. Damage won’t be pre-determined and will occur to only the areas and ways in which it happens. Basically its the type of dynamic and more realistic way we have always hope destruction would be in Battlefield. Adding bunkers, sandbags, barbed wire and static guns are also going to be avaialble throughout multiplayer.

Weapons are getting some changes as well, and will also affect buildings differently; depending on the weapon your using and if you can shoot through the material to kill your target. Bullet drop has also been removed and DICE are making it easier to learn the behavior of a weapon and make it more skill based against your opponents, which is a little odd since their adding even more realism with destruction and limiting your ammo to pickups from dead enemies only and not being given a ridiculous amount to start.

Everyone is familiar with the squad system in Battlefield, and most of the time it didn’t have much of an impact for the casual player. DICE are attempting to change that this time around. The team leader will have actual duties now, with the ability to call in squad reinforcements with resupplies, V1 rockets, vehicles and more. Effectively it’s a kill streak reward that the team leader gets to use. Players can also revive anyone, but medics will bring your health back to full, rather than a fraction like everyone else.

There is a lot more to the game, but for now check out the announcement trailer below and look forward to more information this June. There will be a closed beta for the game before launch, and lastly, EA have done away with Premium Passes.

Battlefield V arrives on October 11th for EA Access members, October 16th for Deluxe edition buyers, and October 19th for the normal version. The game launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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