Review: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X

Oh have we waited and waited so long for AMD’s new architecture. The promises and hints on what Zen would bring to the tablet and ultimately what it could mean for competition. Finally the launch of Ryzen is here, and only last week AMD released Ryzen 7 for Desktops. AMD have launched 3 processors for the […]...More


EVGA Intel X99 Motherboard Lineup

EVGA have announced 3 motherboards using the latest X99 chipset with Haswell-E and DDR4 support. Below are some images and a short specs list of the boards. Release date/availability in Europe has yet to be released, but we suspect they will arrive in the coming weeks. EVGA X99 Micro Specifications Chipset – Intel® X99 Express […]...More


Intel set to shutdown Motherboard business within three years

Intel has announced plans to discontinue their motherboard division over the next three years. This move while silently unexpected won’t affect Intel’s business as a whole. Their upcoming Haswell architecture will still see motherboard development and support, however afterwards all operations will be suspended. Any employees in that division will be transitioned in the next three years into other divisions. Intel […]...More