Xbox turns 10 years old

Today is a special day for Microsoft, It marks the anniversary of the  first step towards the most popular gaming platform today. Exactly 10 years ago today on November 15th 2001, Microsoft launched the Xbox with it games like Halo which was sought after by millions.  Soon after the launch of the original Xbox, Microsoft launched Xbox live […]...More


Grand Theft Auto 5 Announced

RockStar have just officially announced Grand Theft Auto 5, There site has been taken over by the above logo and a date over November 2nd for the trailer. The release of GTA 5 has been suspected for some time now but no word from RockStar until now, There is still no information other than the date for […]...More


Onlive gaming now available in the UK

Onlive cloud gaming have just released there services to those that reside in the UK(Hopefully Ireland aswell soon). Onlive is pretty much a way to game without expensive hardware giving you the ability to get great graphics with low level computers. They also have subscription charges so you can play alot of games without forking out the money […]...More