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HTC EVO 3D coming to Europe

Can’t read French!!! Here’s the translation!! ‘A # HTC for France Evo 3D anyone? Yes we are! And it even keeps the same name)available date unconfirmed.’ That’s right, HTC France have tweeted that they will soon have the HTC Evo 3D, Which currently is only available in the states, Normally when a phone makes its way over to Europe the re-brand it with another name. This time around HTC are going to release it under the […]...More


Cydia 1.1 now gone live!!

If you have a jailbroken iPhone then there is no doubt you have heard of Cydia, Its bascially the only change you notice to jailbreaking, Its for getting all of those juicy apps and tweaks that apple don’t want you to have!! Anyway, There is now a new update to said app!! Which is great because it […]...More


Apple release’s iOS 4.3.1

Apple have just dropped the shortly expected 4.3.1 update, Which include some fixes we came to expect! like AV-out, iPod touch graphics problems, and cellular network connections, Also probably patched the exploit found at pwn2own contest a few weeks back! Mainly the reason why this firmware update was rushed(just a guess). Either way, Quickly grab the […]...More


St Patrick’s Day Giveaway!!

Okay its time for are ST Patrick’s Day GIVEAWAY!!!!! All the stuff up for grabs is directly from, So a big thanks to them for helping put this competition together!! Altogether we have three prize’s to giveway, So that means there is three chances of winning something. Prize 1 Animal iPhone 4 Case Prize 2 […]...More