Sony announce new PlayStation Vita: lighter, thinner and arriving this October 10th

Sony have just announced an updated PS Vita model bringing batter battery life inside a lighter and thinner housing. The new PS Vita with mode number PCH-2000 comes in at 20-percent thinner and 15-percent lighter compared to the original PS Vita. The upgrade also includes a new line of colours from pink, lime green/white, brownish-yellow(khaki0)/black, light-blue/white, […]

Sony release video detailing the original PlayStation history in preparation for news event

Sony have released another video in preparation for the news event that is to take place on the 20th of February, the same news event that will be announcing the next generation console the “PlayStation 4”. The video showed up on the same website which is dedicated to the future announced and details the original PlayStation 1’s history. So check out the […]