ARM post financial results for Q2 2013: £171.2 million in revenue with £86.6 million in profit before tax

ARM have posted their financial results for Q2 2013, reaching a total revenue of £171.2 million and a net profit of £86.6 million before taxes. Their revenue sees an increase of 26-percent year of year with profit being an even 30-percent increase. Obviously with the future of smartphones and tablets getting bigger and bigger, ARM […]...More


Apple posts $43.6 billion in revenue with $9.5 billion in net profit for Q2 2013: 37.4 million iPhones sold and 19.5 million iPads

Apple have posted their revenue results for the second financial quarter of 2013. Reaching a total of $43.6 billion in revenue with $9.5 billion in net profit. Comparing to the same period last year with a total revenue of $39.2 billion things would be looking up Apple this year have a smaller net profit with […]...More