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Review: Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

We recently took a look at Vodafone’s sub 100 euro smartphone and were truly shocked to see such a solid device for a price that low. Vodafone quickly trampled over that with the launch of the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6. The specs include a 5.5-inch 1080p IPS display, Octa-core processor and 4G support. The most […]...More


Review: Vodafone Smart Prime 6

A budget smartphone isn’t anything new, but the word budget has always been attached to a limited device that cuts costs in every corner. It’s not like there haven’t been mid-range devices with decent price tags, but we must say Vodafone’s Smart Prime 6 was quite the shocker. So much so we had to get […]...More


Review: Toshiba KIRAbook 109 Laptop

Not too long ago, a laptop was the only true option for portable computing. Nowadays we see smartphones take center stage and tablets become the new laptop. That being said, nothing can replace the laptop in terms of usability, the true all-in-one portable computer . The KIRAbook from Toshiba offers a sleek profile with some pretty solid specs. […]...More


Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung have typically always stuck to a certain set of design rules with their flagship smartphones, but up until recently we have see that mentality change. We normally deal with plastic housing, removable batteries, and expandable storage. While not the most important aspects of the device, they did shape the overall design, feature set and […]...More


Review: HTC One M9

  Earth has made its way around the sun since the launch of the M8 from HTC. The M8 was one of the best designed phones released to the market. Its curves, polish and just awesome feel were what made it one of the most beautiful phones available. A year goes by and we now have […]...More